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Here are some of my experiences with design studios/companies I worked for during my internships and while freelancing.

Freelance Work



The brief of this project was to redesign the hoverboard keeping in mind the future of personal commute, having an integrated system of design and technology, fused in. The Hoverboard 2.0 is designed to emphasize the subtle details that enhance the use of modern technology creating a premium experience with a minimal design language.



 GREYHOURS gives a new colour to time, synonymous with a delicate balance between aesthetics and technical ingenuity. Their values are sobriety, refinement, and creativity, placed at the service of accuracy and functionality. The brief of the project was to design a new collection of watches that would be built on the minimal architecture of the existing Essential Variant. The idea was to create the right balance between the sharpness and the subtle-ness and represent the Greyhours brand evolution through the form.


Consumer Electronic

This project revolves around a cryptocurrency exchange app that pairs with a storage device to store your bitcoins or other types of cryptocurrencies. With an approach to minimalism, this design is durable and portable. It also accommodates a small screen to show when the wallet is locked, synced and connected. 


Beer Tower + Kiosk

HOPPER is produced in the Bavikhove, Belgian municipality of Harelbeke within the Flemish province of West Flanders, this craft beer is produced at a family owned and operated brewery founded in 1894. Hopper is distinguishable at every point of interaction, owing to its design architecture and foundation inspiration. The idea is to create a bespoken dispenser and bucket design to present the design ethos of the brand at all consumer interventions.


Consumer Electronics, Kitchen Appliances, Robots, Graphic Design, Packaging, Branding

Airline is a multidisciplinary design consultancy based in Tokyo, Japan. The company identifies what products their customers need and then crafts how those products should look, feel and be experienced. Their services range from product design, graphic design to branding and prototyping. My role is to work on the various process of the design right from user research, sketches to 3D modeling and then further visualizing them for multiple clients.


 6 Months in London as an Industrial Design Intern (2017)

Duffy London’s design ideas are based on combining art and function and playing with the concepts of gravity, geometry, and illusion. All the products are made in-house by skilled craftsmen. During my six months at Duffy London, I contributed in designing over 15 products, out of which I prepared ten designs for manufacturing. While working with the design team, I also helped the makers to assemble and build the products.

 6 Months in Gelsenkirchen, Germany as an Industrial Design Intern (2015)

Wilddesign is Europe's leading design agency in the medical and healthcare industry. Its headquarters are based in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. I worked on both conceptual and live projects which associated with product, user interface, and packaging design. During my time I understood that medical product design is not, to surprise the consumer or to delight. It is designed for its utility purposes. Our job as designers is to improve this utility by making it more user-friendly and welcoming not just for the person using it but also on whom it is being used on. Through this internship, I learned how to work around these constraints of the industry. I also got a chance to work and interact with multiple clients and engineers that helped me understand the pros and cons of the solutions that I proposed. During this Internship, I worked on over 16 projects, out of which ten products are in the market.